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Watch out for Thief Joe Jimello

Discussion in 'Stolen Gear Registry' started by gretschie, Feb 23, 2016.

  1. gretschie


    Jan 10, 2012
    London On "The Forest City"
    I had a listing on Kijiji looking for a 12" Celestion Gold and had a reply from this guy Supposedly in Thunder Bay and after a bunch of emails back and forth, i decided to send him an EMT for $200.. He told me he couldnt put it into his account but mine showed he Had Accepted it.. He gave me every excuse and wanting mt to Resend the money, which i never did.. He's never returned my emails nor has my speaker showed up..

    After Googling this clown, i see another posting from a man who paid good ol Joe for a used Sander and never received..

    For this very Reason, this website where so many of us list items to buy, sell or trade, they need some form of Trader Rating same as GC or ebay does to help prevent this from happening..

    The info i had on Joe Jimello is [email protected] and also his Kijiji ID mailto:[email protected]

    Be careful folks..
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  2. gtrguy


    Jul 6, 2006
    Just a suggestion- EMT offers a buyer absolutely no protection. Paypal (as long as you don't use the gift option which scammers will often ask for) will refund you if you don't get what you receive.

    That's also probably a fake name and fake email.

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