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Tony MacAlpine Gear Theft

Discussion in 'Stolen Gear Registry' started by GuitarsCanada, Jun 15, 2015.

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    Dec 30, 2005
    Thorold, ON
    In the early hours of Thursday morning, June 11, our tour trailer was broken into while parked at the Red Roof PLUS Austin South by I35 in Austin, TX

    The thieves took almost all our musical instruments and equipment, including 4 guitars, 3 basses, drums and cymbals, electronics and accessories.

    As you can imagine, this has completely hindered our tour. When you take a musician's instruments you take away their livelihood. There are still over 2 weeks worth of shows remaining on the tour.

    Tony's guitars that were stolen:

    - his black Ibanez Guitars custom 7-string withEMG Pickups installed (serial LA071509);
    - his white Ibanez 7-string with black EMG 707 pickups (serial LA0168);
    The above guitars are Tony's only two Ibanez 7's and he has been photographed with them extensively.
    Also stolen were a Peavy EVH sunburst, a white Carvin 7-string; plus Tony's pedalboard.
    All of Bjorn Englen's basses were stolen:
    - Carvin Amplifiers Blue PB 4 custom
    - Carvin Black PB 5 custom
    - Carvin SeaFoam Green PB 5
    - 2 Carvin wireless transmitters with Guitar straps (inkl 1 red custom alligator)
    - EBS 112 bass cabinet
    - Misc. Tools, strings, batteries

    Aquiles Priester's drum gear was also stolen:
    Mapex USA Drums Saturn IV
    1 X 8"X7" Rack Tom
    1 X 10"X8" Rack Tom
    1 X 12"X9" Rack Tom
    1 X 10"X4" Snare (Steel)
    1 X 6"X4" LP Timbale
    1 X Eletronic bag with:
    - cables
    - heaphones
    - ipod support
    - 4 roland triggers
    - TM-2 roland module
    - gibraltar spare parts
    Paiste Cymbals
    Paiste Bag 1:
    1 X Rude China Basher 14”
    2 X Rude Splash 10”
    1 X 602 Splash 10”
    2 X Signature Splash 8”
    2 X 2002 PsychOctopus Giga Bell Ride 18”
    1 X Signature Heavy Hi-Hat 14”
    1 X 2002 Sound Edge Hi-Hat 15”
    Paiste Bag 2:
    1 X Signature Power Crash 17”
    3 X Signature Power Crash 18”
    1 X Signature Power Crash 19”
    1 X Rude Basher 18”
    1 X Rude Thin Crash 18”
    1 X Rude Thin Crash 19”
    2 X Signature Heavy China 18”

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