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The cable. Is it the missing ingredient in the perfect tone

Discussion in 'Effects Pedals, Strings and more' started by guitarman2, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. hollowbody


    Jan 14, 2008
    Toronto, ON
    I wonder if the point of diminishing returns happens earlier in guitar cables because of the nature of the signal passing through it? According to some googling, an electric guitar puts out sound in the range of 82hz to 1050hz, which is a small fraction of the 20hz-20khz that is regarded as full frequency spectrum in home audio reproduction.

    Maybe if the cable is being taxed with really low bass fundamentals and high harmonics, it's easier for it to reproduce the fairly narrow range of a guitar?
  2. Terry, thanks for the final update. That sucks they didn't work out. As I said before: they sure look nice and I like nice looking things. :) Were these soldered at the Evidence factory or are they made by the cable builder you bought them from? That's disappointing the quality was so poor for such an expensive cord.
  3. guitarman2

    guitarman2 Gold Member

    Aug 25, 2006
    Brantford, Ontario
    I'm thinking that Mark makes them at Lavacables. Which is disturbing since he has a great reputation. I could be wrong though. Maybe they were made at E.A.
    When the guitar cable died I resorted to my Planet Waves Circuit Breaker guitar cable and the tone did not change one bit that I could tell. I do notice a difference in tone between all planet waves and all Evidence Audio. Planet Waves are darker sounding with not quite as articulate on the mids
    The E.A. cables are very bright, and smooth articulate mids. Just changing the guitar cable didn't change this. But I had read that out of all the Planet waves cables the circuit breakers are the lowest capacitance. When I used Planet waves I used only the circuit breaker for the guitar cable then a different model planet waves for the rest.
    I'll not likely go back to the planet waves as I like the brighter, clearer sound of E.A. I'll likely end up with George L's or another cable that gives me the brighter sound. Due to the reliability issue I'm having with Evidence Audio and the fact they are very expensive, it doesn't look like I'll be using them long.
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  4. mhammer


    Nov 30, 2007
    Ottawa, Ontario
    You know, at the end of what has been a rather tortuous and occasionally heated thread, I really have to commend you on:

    a) putting your money where your mouth is,
    b) keeping an open mind,
    c) providing a balanced report,
    d) being the kind of realist and pragmatist that all of us here should strive to be.

    Kudos, buddy.:bow::bow:
  5. Budda

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    May 29, 2007
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    I only read the last page, great information in there!

    Thanks, Terry!
  6. ronmac


    Sep 22, 2006
    Nova Scotia

    Balanced and respectful reviews are always a joy to read.
  7. guitarman2

    guitarman2 Gold Member

    Aug 25, 2006
    Brantford, Ontario
    I have to add just one more thing that speaks to the quality of service from the Cable manufacturer.
    I sent the defective guitar cable back to Mark at Lavacable and was originally going to ask for a refund but have decided to just let Mark fix it and send it back.
    Mean while Tony at Evidence Audio has offerred to send me a 12' Forte guitar cable which is a new offering that isn't officially released yet. Its basically the same as his top of the line Lyric HG but with much more flexibility. The Lyric is a pretty stiff cable. So at least now I'll have a back up.
    So in spite of the fact that the cables aren't what I'd call "knock your socks off" improvement, there is better clarity to a degree that i can hear. I had to turn my cut knob (too bright) down to half of what it normally is.
    But the service and willingness for Mark at Lavacable and Tony at Evidence Audio to go out of their way to provide great service. If you're trying to tweak everything you can out of your equipment high end cables like this could be a good way to do it. They are guaranteed for life
    On the other hand I think that 90% of the players are going to be happy with Planet Waves. as they are a very good cable and definitely near enough to the high end offerings for most applications and are also gauranteed for life. I recommend getting the Planet waves from Long&Mquade though as I've heard stories of other music stores giving customers a hard time with returning without the receipt, etc. I've never had a single problem with L&M. They take it back with no reciept and give me a new one.
    Even with these high end cables my planet waves will be staying with me as well. With the cables I have, theoretically I shouldn't have to buy another cable in my life and I'll have plenty of back ups.
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