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strat partscaster stolen

Discussion in 'Stolen Gear Registry' started by fraser, Oct 9, 2015.

  1. fraser


    Feb 23, 2007
    hi folks!
    havent been on the forum lately- because summer lol.

    just sticking this here in the off chance that somebody should encounter this guitar in the future.

    its a basic vintage style strat in sunburst- stolen from my home in hamilton about 2 months ago.
    i didnt post earlier, because there was hope that i could recover it-
    you see, it was stolen a few months back, by a guy i know (not a friend).
    when i approached him about it, he took me to visit the guy who had bought it off of him.
    i was offered roughly 4 times the value of the guitar, because the buyer loved it.
    when i refused, he gave it back to me.

    im pretty sure its the same guy who took it again.
    he denies it- placing the blame on the buyer from the first time.
    that guy also denies it.

    i have no proof in any case-
    and both these guys are semi professional UFC fighters lol.

    so im kind of out of luck.

    anyway heres the run down.

    body is 3 piece and solid- might be swamp ash, i dont know- in burst.
    routed for 2 humbuckers and a middle single coil.
    neck is an allparts solid maple with a soft vee profile, tinted and finished in gunstock oil.
    vintage fret size 7.25 inch radius.
    gotoh kluson repro tuners
    single round string tree
    at the time it had a handmade bone nut that was broken at the low e string.

    single ply white pickguard- kind of old and discoloured, as where the knobs
    tonerider surfari single coil pups
    wired for master volume, master tone- third pot and knob purely cosmetic
    five way switch- middle pickup rwrp
    i dont recall if i fully shielded it or not, but the pickguard would have been done with aluminum tape.
    most likely it had a .022 tone cap- either orange drop or ceramic, i cant recall.

    it had a vintage 6 screw fender tailpiece and whammy bar- set to float slightly- 3 springs

    a few dings and scratches, some paint chips-
    and a barely visible crack in the clearcoat running on the front from the high e string side of the tailpiece to the butt end.

    not a valuable guitar,
    but it was exactly as i wanted it,
    i preferred it to my other strats,
    and it was the guitar i used to rehabilitate my fretting hand after an injury rendered it useless.

    some pics-
    although the guitar had some slight modification and a bunch of playing time since they were taken.









    im kicking myself for not carving my name in the back.
    all my other strats have it- just not this one lol.
    it might be sitting in some crack dealers closet, or hanging on a wall someplace
    never to appear again, but you never know.

    in 30 some odd years of owning guitars this was the first to be stolen lol!

    thanks for looking!
  2. rhh7


    Mar 13, 2008
    Best wishes for recovery of your guitar, I love partscasters like this!
  3. fraser


    Feb 23, 2007
    thanks robert-
    its a great guitar.
  4. That sucks! Especially from people you know.
    Best of luck. I'll be watching kijiji ( I'm there every morning).
    In fact, place this on 'jiji so that others will see it as well.
  5. Scotty


    Jan 30, 2013
    good luck getting your guitar back...hope the lowlife gets caught

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