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FS: Photography and Brewing equipment

Discussion in 'Non Music Related Items' started by Judd, Oct 10, 2019.

  1. Judd

    Judd Gold Member

    Sep 5, 2017
    New Brunswick
    Ideally the buyer is on the east coast and we can arrange meeting up but I am willing to ship if somebody is willing to pay shipping.

    photography equipment $900 priced cheap because I just need it gone. Nothing is wrong with it.
    2 Elinchrome BX500RI strobes with trigger for Nikon or canon
    2 100cmm square soft boxes
    1 150cm octobox
    1 round reflector with mounting arm
    Several stands
    1 beauty dish(no sock diffuser)
    1 ThinkTank Airport accelerator bag
    2 Nikon SB 900 flashes
    External batter pack for SB900
    Outex underwater kit for DSLR with eye piece for canon 5d and 2 front lens covers (I think 67 and 77mm
    Kenko Macro Extention Tubes set of 3 for Nikon
    Pictures available on request

    Brewing Equipment $1200
    25g Brew Kettle
    1/2BBL SS Bée Tech Conical fermenter
    Chugger Pump
    Converter Keg Mash Tun(big enough for lager and standard Ale batches. If you are going over 6.5% alcohol I would suggest getting something bigger
    5 full sized kegs (56L or 50L
    2 half Kegs (20L)
    About 120lbs of Grain
    About 2Lbs of assorted unopened vacuum sealed hops
    120k BTU banjo Burner
    1 20lbs CO2
    4+ Sanke keg taps
    1 Bottle Filler gun

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