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Jackie Lomax

Discussion in 'Music' started by mhammer, May 22, 2020.

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    Nov 30, 2007
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    Hadn't thought about this guy in years, but was led back to him after watching legendary bassist Leland Sklar's ongoing series of Youtubes from his home, in which he generally tells the story of how a particular song was recorded, and associated anecdotes, then plays the recording of the song and plays bass along with it. Several of his videos were unreleased demo tracks of a band he was in during the late '60's called Wolfgang. Among his fellow band members were guitarists Israel Zacuto and Bryn Haworth, and drummer Bugs Pemberton, All of them eventually went on to play with Jackie Lomax, who was one of the early artists signed to Apple Records. Jackie Lomax - Wikipedia

    I caught Lomax and his quartet at the legendary, but now vanished Le Hibou coffeehouse in downtown Ottawa, during the summer of 1971. I was really impressed with Zacuto, and eventually bought Lomax's album "Three", and persuaded the band I was in to do several of Lomax's songs. Fortunately, we had a good singer and a few female backup singers. Zacuto certainly has a passion for Leslies. He was using one during his Wolfgang days as well, and it shows up on a number of Lomax tunes. "Sour Milk Sea" was his first breakout single in 1968. Written by George Harrison, it has George, Paul and Ringo backing Lomax, along with Clapton and Nicky Hopkins. Not bad.

    Finally, not much ion the way of live stuff on YT from Lomax, but here he is playing a straight-ahead blues with none other than Terry Reid on vocals. Reid, for those unfamiliar, was the first singer approached to form Led Zeppelin, but he declined the offer. Judging by Reid's hair, this one's from a while back. He has one of the classic soulful voices.
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