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guitar technique exercises, now 14 video's

Discussion in 'Theory and Technique' started by dgreen, Mar 20, 2020.

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    Sep 2, 2016
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    With the current situation all of my students are now at home and will not be coming out for lessons. So I thought I would finally start making short exercise video's. From basic to intermediate as I want to get a wide range of kids / adults playing / exercising. I am trying to keep the video's short ( 3-7 minutes) and informative. I thought maybe some CGF members may want to take a look and use these exercises as well. I will be uploading several video's as time permits.

    I now have 14 short video's posted :
    The blues scale
    Major pentatonic and its relative minor
    introduction to suspended chord forms
    12 bar blues form using only 7th chords in barr form
    basic barr chording
    basic power chording for beginners
    basic barr chord variations with the root note on low E string
    Basic barr chord variations with the root note on teh A string
    A major scale
    The A major scale expanded
    G minor pentatonic
    Thumb 321 exercise
    Triads applied to a scale form
    how to hold a guitar pic
    Otto Bjornson
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