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amp volume on stage

Discussion in 'Recording and PA Lounge' started by marcos, Oct 12, 2019.

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    Mar 7, 2007
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    Pointing speakers is vital, but lots of bands spend endless hours on their PA and ignore their amps. Regardless of my volume, but to accommodate low stage volume, I preferred a combo on/with an extension cab in my last band. The extension cab was often pointed over/back at the drummer who would complain about too little guitar in the monitors, the combo was most often angled and tilted to side wash (or at least partly so) the stage. If I mic'd, and I generally did, I liked an Apex harmonica mic since it hung from a cord over the amp facing the speaker, was designed to take massive volume (if need be) close up, and seemed EQ'd for the purpose. It's an odd choice but it worked, built like a tank too. On small stages a mic stand in front of the amp is just one more thing over which to trip. If I was using a two amp system the second amp would be pointing slightly off axis with the first, no extension, almost full-time clean.
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